Two Paragraphs

The texture on this picture I chose is simple but its there. If you look closely into the picture in the pedals you can see lines going up and down. The lighting here fits amazing and bright. If you stare at the picture you can see at the end its bright and a you go more into it, it gets darker. And the good textured yellow lines of the picture.

In the middle you can see a clear ball. Inside the ball looks to be as something is coming out. And you can see the little pedals around it. I like the color contrasts with the dark and light and the greens. I really enjoy seeing the yellow in the pedal stroke.

Camera Simulator

I learned that moving the aperture down caused less light in the photo. Moving the shutter speed made it super dark. When moved to the right. Moving the IOS to the left made the image darker. Im not sure which it was but I moved shutter speed and it came faster was a little bit vintage looking. I learn moving the top setting added a blurred effect focusing on the mail model.

25 Facts

In the class lessons I’ve gotten so far I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned that the aperture is the opening of the lens and where the light gets through. Its very important because it can determine the quality of the photo. Having high aperture is good for low lighting photos so if its dark it gets more light for better quality. Low aperture is for when its brighter resulting in better quality photos.

Shutter speed is how long the shutter remains open. It also means how much light it lets in at the time. If you have a fast shutter speed it lets in less light and freezing object look. The average shutter speed Is 1/60. Speeds less then this are harder to control which leads to blurry photos.

Iso is the sensitivity in a digital camera. Its ability to capture light. It lowers the brightness in the light. Which give picture’s that more dynamic rage. IOS stands for International Organization for Standardization.

There’s this thing called Manuel mode where you can set the aperture and the shutter speed. Doing this can lead you to having all exposure. The four major controls are ISO speed. The three major things on a camera are body, lens aperture, and image sensor. IOS determines the sensitivity. Camera modes all fall into different types of categories.

The category’s they fall in are auto, scene, and P, S, A and M modes. Shutter priority is basically used during sports events mainly. When taking pictures in long exposure its better to use manual mode. Overall cameras work in many ways. Digital cameras are what we use in modern day time which also has many advantage of many new modes.